Leaguesharp Download

Leaguesharp is a C# scripting program for League of Legends which allows you to perform actions with your champion with simple key presses. Such things as SBTW “Space bar to win” which will carry out lightning fast perfect combos in a fraction of a second much faster then normally humanly possible. It also provides you with a plethora of other scripts that offer insane amounts of utility such as jungle timers, auto last hitting, awareness and various other exploits.

Evade for Leaguesharp is a automatic dodging script that will automatically dodge enemy skills with ease easy. It has tons of options to suit every players play style and is easily toggliable to ensure you do not dodge non threatening skills when attempting to score kills. Evade will help raise you Elo with ease and is a must have script for Leaguesharp. Evade also draws paths of incoming projectiles on the screen so you can manually dodge as well when needed.

Leaguesharp is an all purpose last hitting, lane freezing and lane clearing soultion for League of Legends. Leaguesharp allows you to control your champion via Orb Walking which allows you to move you champion purely by move the mouse while it performs the selected task. While Leaguesharp is still currently in Beta it already has tons of champion scripts, utility scripts and awareness scripts to suit everyone needs. The devs are easily reachable via the Irc channel and forums to sort out issues as they arise.